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Houston Druze Center Fund Page

Dear Our Beloved Community, Friends and Families: 

In 2008, the Houston Chapter embarked on a journey with a vision to have a Houston Druze Center.  Our effort started with the hosting of the 2008 Thanksgiving Convention and establishing a fund from the profits of the convention.  Since then, our chapter continued to work on this vision by building this fund through two Thanksgiving conventions in 2012 and more recently in 2017.  As a result of our fund-raising efforts, the house fund has accumulated $179,000.

The Chapter Board has located a piece of land in Houston that appears to be a good fit for our community’s needs.  The property is rectangular and covers an area of 2.5 acres that is the ideal size for building a center.  The price of the land is $195,000 plus associated closing costs.  The Houston Board is proud to announce that it has signed a contract to acquire the property and is conducting due diligence activities in the hope of closing on the deal in May 2018.

Purchase of this land will represent completion of the first step toward realizing our vision for a Druze Center in Houston.  To fund the purchase of the property, we are seeking donations from our community to complete this phase of the project.  Our target is to collect approximately $35,000 into the fund.  Members of our community have already begun pledging and sending donations for the house fund.

Our target date for closing on the property is May 31st 2018 following completion of due diligence.  Please support this effort by pledging in the next two weeks a donation toward the house fund for the purchase of this property.

Many of our community members have already pledged to contribute. Do your part! No pledge is too small to make a difference"

For more information, please contact us at or contact Souheil "Sean" Ghaoui at 713-412-5440.

You can mail your tax-deductible check payable to: The American Druze Society-Houston Chapter

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ADS Houston Chapter Treasurer
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