ADS Houston Chapter Thanksgiving Convention
Celebrating the Druze Millennium


What do you see when you look at this tree? At first glance, it looks sad, devoid of life. But as one looks closer, it reveals our powerful story. 

"I have strong roots, entrenched in a deep-rooted principle, the love of brethren. My closely intertwined trunk is a testimonial to the harmony and unity of years past and those who nurtured me along the way. My towering stature reflects the thousand years of my community's prideful existence. My branches provide shelter and comforting arms to my family wherever they are. Throughout the years, I have proven that I can weather any storm. I have passed the test of time. I always will."

Join the sincere effort to bring new life and unity to our beloved Society and community. The Houston Chapter is committed to taking these steps with the National Board and ensuring another prosperous millennium for the American Druze Society and our Druze community.

Be here to support and share your vision. Look to this tree as the symbol of a strong society with a powerful past and an even more powerful future.

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